Parish Priest

Fr. Theofanis Papantonis

Executive Board

President, Economou, Chris
Vice President, Pieri, George
Treasurer, Karaisarides, Pavlos
Assistant Treasurer, Protan, Peter
Recording Secretary, Kefalas, Kostas
Corresponding Secretary, Boutsikos, George
1st Past Pres., Nikolados, Anna
2nd Past Pres., Spanos, Zacharias

Board Members

Baktidy, Vlassi
Charalambous, Haralambos
Hadgiiouannou, Gus
Kapassakis, Joe
Karayiannis, Christina
Kariyannis, John
Koutsoumbis, Dean
Markotsis, James
Proussalis, Vassilios
Roditis, Tony
Spanos, Dimitrios
Vavilis, George

The Oath of Office for all newly elected and current Parish Council members was held after Liturgy on Sunday, January 7, 2024 - Welcome to all our new and returning parish council members!   We look forward to our Parish Council  working together in unity for the continued growth and future of our community.